I am done with my Life

What if you’re done with your life?

You really think that, you or anyone can be done with life?

Q. What if I’m Done with my Life and don’t Wants to live anymore?

Point to be noted.

  • Millions of people belive in God and still they can’t give surety of it’s Existence.
  • Top level Scientist of this world are still confuse about that what’s the use and/or Purpose of this life.
  • The very first Question about life is, What is life? And still we can only explain it in words and even we can not make the other beings understand. It means what we have discovered is just human perception thoughts and it can be wrong.

So you are totally Wrong with your question you or someone is done with His/Her Life.

Let’s come to the next part of your question.

Don’t want to live anymore? – As above-explain, you don’t have knowledge about what life is, then.. how can you experience the living? And without knowing the meaning of Life or it’s living, how you or anyone can blame life for own created problems?

Life is just a small name given to understand the living or aliveness. It’s like a small Fruit from a world full of it’s Trees.

Now come to your Un asked questions. And that is..

What if someone is done with his Surviving and don’t want to survive anymore?😃

Remember: Answer of this question is hard if survivor is gutless, foolish, a quitter, or dump enough to not take risk to change the Game.

And answer of this question is easy if survivor realize that what calling him survivor is only he to himself. It’s like a crying child asking parents that, what if i fail in 1st Standard? And you know the reaction and importance of it for their parents. 😊

As a child passing in exam can be a challenge, but quitting Life for not passing the exam is just same your question. But try to be in the position of that Child Parent’s to understand your own life situation carefully before mistaken it.

Earth is not that small. And have verity of people’s, If there are bad then there are Good too, You can always change things by changing your surroundings.

May be you are given a tough task where you are seeing life too small, but those few minutes, hours, days or years will not worth to Quitting your Life.

It’s also a truth that some times we don’t get solution for our problems but one option will be there always and that is to Wait & keeping patience and it always works for non solved problems.

I hope you will find our answer helpful, If any question you have and wants us to write on it, then send your question to us Here, we will love to answer your questions.