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Delhi the name gives us a glimpse of a city where there is traffic and is a city with a lavish markets where nearly everything is available. Behind this glimpse and glamour there is a city standing with a history and great place for tourist exploration.

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Delhi India’s capital territory is one of the massive metropolitan area in the northern part of India . Generally Delhi is known by two parts ,New Delhi and old Delhi ,where old Delhi’s roads and lanes and monuments reminds us of the mugal empire, there New Delhi is a city.

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That engraves a picture of a metropolitan city. profs of colonial rule can be seen in places around the city. The connectivity of this city is very eminent . The migration to this city from various part of the country and being the capital of the country has resulted to this city gives a miniature picture of this India where diverse culture and language exhibits together.
There are numerous historic and modern tourist attraction in Delhi. The three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Delhi, Qutub complex, Red Fort and Humayu’s Tomb are among the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. India Gate is another is another prominent landmark of Delhi a 1931 built war memorial to soldier of British India.

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Delhi has several famous places of worship of various religion such as the largest Hindu temple complexes in the world, Akshardham is a major tourist attraction in the city. Other famous religious sites include laxminarayan temple, gurudwara bangla sahib, lotus temple, jama masjid and ISKCON temple. Delhi is also a hub for shopping of all kind and taste. Connought place, chandani Chowk, khan market and Dilli haat are some of the major retail market in Delhi.
by Puja Yadav