Salim Ali Bird | Sanctuary | Goa

Salim ali bird sanctuary is an estuary habitat formally known as bird sanctuary and located in the city of panaji, Goa at the western coast of the island of chorão along the Mandovi river, Goa, In India. The sanctuary is named after the renowned ornithologist Dr. salim ali.

The sanctuary is widely spreaded across the area of 440 acres covered with the mangrove forest. The sanctuary was came into known or established in 1988. As it is a bird sanctuary several species of birds are found over here. Some of the common bird species among them are :

  • Striated heron
  • Western reef heron

Other species that can also be seen here are little bittern, black bittern, red knot, jack snipe and pied avocet. Apart from all these bird species
Some other mangrove specialists found in the forest i.e crabs, mudskippers, fiddlers etc….

According to the surveys it is one of the best bird sanctuaries in India. As path or way to the sanctuary is also convenient to reach. It is just few kilometers away from the state of Goa through transports.