Devil Canyon | Dudhsagar Waterfalls | Goa

Devil canyon the name in itself shows something horrible. As it is also known as “Devcharacho kond“. It is believed that it is suicidal for swimmers due to slippery rocks, heavy undercurrents and immeasurable depths.

Other than these geographical and scientific stories. There is also some hidden old age stories behind the canyon, there was a villager who used to ask for some fishes from the canyon resident devil to feed their guests, and one day devil follow the villager to see that how he is gonna entertain their guests as devil was very curious to know about this but when he saw that the villager use fishes for munching himself he got angry and cursed that from now onward no one is able to get fish from the canyon.

From then onward curse still stands and still no one is able to get the answer. Apart from this the road to the canyon also gives the horror feeling maybe that’s why it is “the road less traveled”.

The journey to the canyon is through bhagwan mahaveer sanctuary via Mollem national park which is a famous place to visit in Goa. As I already details about the park in that post. The devil canyon is just 0.5 km away from Mollem .

Dudhsagar falls

Dudhsagar falls is also on the way to the canyon which is also a wonderful place to visit.

Dudhsagar falls, there is also many untold stories behind this fall. As we see the name itself shows its story, when we break the word dudh means ‘milk’ and sagar means ‘ocean’.

The story behind this name is that there was a princess who use to went on to the lake for bath and usually carry with herself sweetened milk in a golden jug. And when she is done bathing she use to drink the milk but one day she noticed that the prince is watching her from the trees and being red with embracement, she poured the milk on her body which creates a temporary blanket on her body and then her maids cover up her body with clothes urgently to make her feel comfortable.

It is believed that the milk went in to the dudhsagar as a gratitude to the virtue and modesty of the princess. And this is how the stories and history of Dudhsagar falls is famous among common People. The fall give the view of the milk which suited it’s name very much “Dudhsagar waterfalls“.